REVERSE AGING - Introduction 

Reverse Aging by Sang Whang 

In December of 1986, I was introduced to a water ionizer called "Super Ion-Q" by a friend of mine in Virginia. She told me that the alkaline water from this ionizer would lower my high blood pressure, if I drank 5 cups of it daily. In those days, I was taking 20 mg of Vasotec a day to maintain my blood pressure at around 140/90. Vasotec was my third kind of blood pressure pill. The doctor had to change my blood pressure pills twice because of different kinds of side effects. I never liked the idea of having to take any pills "for the rest of my life". That's what the doctor told me when he initially prescribed the blood pressure pills for me.

My friend didn't know exactly why the blood pressure would come down except for the fact that she knew that it worked for many people. Trusting her sincerity and knowing that she was a registered nurse, I bought the ionizer and started to drink high pH alkaline water. As I was drinking the alkaline water, I monitored my blood pressure. I reduced the amount of Vasotec gradually as the blood pressure started to come down. After 6 weeks, I stopped taking Vasotec altogether. My blood pressure came down to 130/85 without my pills.

I was elated, but at the same time I was concerned about the doubt that this could be a psychological placebo effect rather than a fact based upon some scientific phenomena. Being an engineer, I knew exactly how the ionizer produced acid water and alkaline water. The tap water had a pH value of 8.6 and the alkaline water and the acid water from the ionizer had pH values of 10.3 and 3.8, respectively. The question was, ”Why did the drinking of high pH water lower the blood pressure?"

That's when I started my study. Initially the study was based upon the literature available from the manufacturer of the water ionizer. The literature was in Korean. That led me to the works done by Japanese doctors. Those works were either in Japanese or translated into Korean. The study led me to many different kinds of health improvement devices developed in Japan and most of these devices are approved as health treatment devices by the Health and Welfare Department of the Japanese government.

In the mean time, over a period of two years, I lost about 20 pounds without any special diets or exercises. I had to reduce many of my pants' waist lines about 2 inches. The clothes that I bought about 15 years ago fit me perfectly. Lately I am noticing that my eye sight is improving. I have also seen others who have gotten healthier and younger looking without diets or exercises, by simply drinking alkaline water and/or using other health treatment devices developed in Japan.

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As a result of my study, I discovered the mechanics of the aging process; in other words, the hows and whys of physical aging. As I understood the process of aging, I was delighted to discover the fact that it was possible to reverse the process. When a scientist encounters a new phenomenon, he or she tries to explain the phenomenon using known theories. When these known theories cannot explain the phenomenon, a new hypothesis is created to see if that can explain the phenomenon. When many physical phenomena seem to fall into the hypothesis, the hypothesis becomes a new theory.

In this book, my theory of "Aging and Reverse Aging" is presented. This scientific theory is applied to explain, not only the process of aging, but also the developmental process of many adult diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc. This fundamental theory can explain many phenomena that could not be previously explained.

* Source: Introduction from Reverse Aging by Sang Whang  




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